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Milagros Zingoni

ASSOCIATE Professor/studio instructor

Milagros Zingoni is an Assistant Professor at The Design School, at Arizona State University. Originally from Argentina, Milagros believes that innovation comes from communication between disciplines and collaboration between the community and professionals with perhaps different backgrounds but similar goals. Milagros practiced architecture before moving to the US and she continues to work in her private practice remotely from the US. Her research work has been presented in England, Canada, India, and South Africa. Milagros is a strong advocate for giving back to the community. She is passionate about the role of design professions in children infrastructure.


Maryam Ali

master of interior architecture CANDIDATE

Maryam Ali comes from two very different cultures, but Arizona State University has been a new home for her for the past 9 years. Growing up in Doha, Qatar, she was always taught the importance of education, from both her Persian father and her American mother. Education was a seed that was growing within her all her life, and because of that she knew to move to America for the education and experience she wanted and needed for her future. Maryam has received a bachelors in Business Tourism as well as a Masters in Sustainable Tourism from ASU. She is currently working on her third degree, a Masters degree in Interior Architecture, and from here her goal is to help build and design a sustainable future for many generations to come. 


Bradley Cantin

master of interior architecture CANDIDATE

Bradley Cantin was born a raised in Phoenix, Arizona. Bradley graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelors in Design Management, and continued to pursue a Masters in Interior Architecture. With previous professional architectural internships, Bradley has a strong interest in blending both the exterior and interior aspects of architecture into one cohesive approach of design.


Courtney Davis

Master of Interior architecture CANDIDATE

Courtney Davis is a multi-disciplinary artist specializing in theatre, design, and community engagement.  She is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Interior Architecture from ASU, and is an ensemble member with Sojourn theatre, a 17 year old award winning company whose work explores the intersections of art and civic dialogue.



Dalal Altassan

Master of interior architecture CANDIDATE

Dalal Altassan is an Interior Designer, currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Interior Architecture at ASU. She encourages eco friendly designs, and is inspired by nature. Shes a designer by day, and an artist by night.


Joseph Daite

Master of interior architecture CANDIDATE

Joseph was originally born in the Philippines and moved here with family a couple of years back. He is currently a full time student pursuing a Master Degree in Interior Architecture at Arizona State University, and a part time worker at an off-campus student housing by ASU. Besides school and work, Joseph enjoys having fun; may it be road trips, festivals, hiking, or doing computer models.


Jess Tsepal

Master of interior architecture CANDIDATe

Jessica Tsepal comes from a multicultural background having spent her childhood on the island of Oahu, Hawaii later moving to Washington D.C. where she earned her Bachelor of Architecture from The Catholic University of America.  She spent the next several years working in Palm Beach, Florida designing luxury homes and is currently pursuing her Master of Interior Architecture at ASU.


Jen Grysho

Master of interior architecture CANDIDATE

Jen graduated from The Design School at ASU with a BSD in Interior Design and is currently pursuing her Master of Interior Architecture. She is interested in pushing the boundaries of traditional design by creating unique interactions with users and space. Her process is tactile and hands on, incorporating model making and prototyping with each project.