Working with Porter School

Maryam Ali here, this week we focused on the power of brainstorming towards the theme of our prototype - Culture + Play. One of the exercises we are having the 6th graders from Porter Elementary School take part in is creating a poem on culture; what does culture mean to you? Each student will interpret what culture means to them, and in turn, we, the graduate students, did this same exercise. In addition to having the students make a poem on culture, we also are asking them to create a collage that embodies their poem - a collage that reflects culture and what it means to them. In addition to us creating a poem, we also created a collage that reflected our poem.

The aim of this exercise is to not only see and interpret what culture means to everyone, but to gather ideas on what our ‘skins’ could be for this prototype - finding ways on what material we can use, and how to use such material. Perhaps we can literally take the poems of the children and display them? Maybe we can use their collage in a way, or the colors of their collages? There really is an endless way of gathering such material!

This exercise is also to appreciate each other, love one another, and respect all. There is no wrong way of doing this exercise, but it is an exercise that should be fun and awakening to oneself. We will keep you all updated on what our findings are from these exercises and how we end up being inspired for our skins! Thank you, Maryam.

Bradley Cantin