Mesa Prototyping Festival

The Mesa Prototype Festival officially started Friday November 17th at 5 PM. We did not know how people were going to react to our prototype - Were people going to love it? Understand it? Enjoy exploring it? The questions we had going into it added some anxiousness on top to all of our emotions that were already going on within us - we were nervous to say the least. It became very clear fast that people truly loved it! *Phew* 

The feedback we received was overwhelming in the most positive way possible. Amber Amaya (one of the teachers from Porter Elementary) came to visit us, in addition to many of the children from that school that took part in the design of our prototype. It was truly incredible to not only have them see what they helped create with us, but to also see their expressions on their faces when they saw their pictures, names, and work in the prototype. 


People enjoyed hearing the process on how Pause + Play became, how we took the assignments and feedback from the 6th graders and incorporated it into this design - the poetics/storytelling truly captured the audience. It is a beautiful moment when people SEE and understand exactly how the prototype became the way it did - they applauded it. We were all very proud of what we accomplished, and having a project that literally came to life is a feeling we all will cherish forever. 

This prototype received so many compliments that it will now live at the i.d.e.a. Museum in Mesa, so if you want to check it out, it will be there waiting for you :) 

- Maryam

Bradley Cantin