Fabrication/ Festival Setup

Hi everybody, Maryam here :)


I am excited to share with you how our set-up time for the Mesa Prototype Festival went! We have been in the ASU shop fabricating for the last 6 or so weeks, and boy was it fun (and challenging at times). Not only was it a breath of fresh air to be in the shop using tools and machines we have never used before, but to be away from behind a computer screen was a a nice change of pace as well #studioproblems. 


Since completing our design, we anticipated there would be a few hiccups with transporting our prototype from ASU to Main Street for the festival. From U-hauling to actually de-constructing to reconstructing it back together on-site, we made it just in time :) However, it was a process of its own kind. The week prior to the Mesa Prototype Festival we knew we had to have everything finished, that way we would have time to take everything apart so we could transport everything smoothly, sensibly, and safely. 


The ‘Immersion Space’ was the first thing to be completed/built, thus it was the first item to be de-constructed and ready for transport day. The ‘Big Bench’ was cut into three sections, that required a U-haul, we did not want to take any chances with it considering how much work and detail went into the construction of it. The ‘Skin/Canopy’ part of the prototype was the last item brought onto site. Because this item was completely attached (and quite large!), it was the most challenging. However, all in all everything arrived to the site on the day we planned, and we worked as a team which is most important. 


Set-up day took a day and a half, but we all worked together as a team and made sure we all had fun - we were ready to kick the weekend off for the Mesa Prototype Festival :) 


Read the next post to hear how the festival itself went!

Bradley Cantin