What is Culture? How do we play?

This is Bradley here! Week two has been a whirlwind, in design, when there is a new project proposed designer’s heads start to burst with ideas. You first start with taking the project in, listening to all parts that are being asked to design, then you start to brainstorm. AKA your brain goes into full designer mode, where you have so many ideas that you can’t get them out on paper.


During this week, we established our views on what culture stands for. The formal definition is “the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively”. The best part of this exercise was seeing each team member make their definition of culture personal to them. Whether they were based around Italian cooking, family, unity, and love. All interpretations embodied where they came from.


For the second half of the week, we all took on rapid prototyping. Something this program has taught us is to explore with your hands, often times designers tend to push toward technology for prototyping and creating their refined models.


This exercise allowed all seven of us to come back to studio and showcase our iterations. As each team member explained what their ideas were behind their first prototype, we gathered that we all were trying to design an experience through the exhibit. Whether this is wandering through and experiencing specific zones that relate to culture and play, or was this exhibit designed to allow all visitors to create their own personal experience in the space that would differ from everyone else.


As a studio, we created over 15 different prototypes that sparked a conversation and allowed us to dive deeper in understanding what goals we achieved and what we needed to revisit. These prototypes began to spark ideas amongst all team members, after creating quick iterations we moved into a more refined model that would better demonstrate visually what each one of us are trying to achieve.

Bradley Cantin