Post Review #1

Bradley here! I wanted to jump back on and give you all some updates on how our project is going. We have been slammed this past week and have been getting ready for our first review. We had the pleasure presenting to Jen and Brittney, the two administrators that are running the Mesa Prototyping Festival, Gretchen from Air Park Signs, and Professor Karen Santiago who is a professional architect.


Prior to the review, we needed to lock down a design direction and dive in! With that came programming, discovering what experience we are wanting the audience to encounter when walking through our exhibit, creating a model, and presentation graphics that supports the story of our project. It was definitely a stressful week, but we finished the weekend strong and were ready to present for Monday afternoon.


On the morning of the day we were presenting, we spent a few hours preparing talking points, rehearsing, and making final tweaks. The presentation had a natural flow as we discussed site analysis, project statement, overall concept, and the details of the structure. After we presented we all gathered around our big studio table and we had a conversation with the panelists present. The conversation became very engaging, the reviewers challenged us with great points, such as expanding on the structure, honing-in on what exactly we are trying to allow guests to experience, and constructive feedback on how we could build this efficiently and keep it safe.


We have a lot of work ahead of us before our second review. Stay tuned for the next update.

Bradley Cantin